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Welcome to the first Office 2003 to PDF/XPS Document Converter for MOSS!

Author, Ben Steinwand, works as a ASP.NET and SharePoint Consultant in the Bay Area, CA. Contact me at for details.

Use these converters for conversion of Office 2003 file-types (.doc, .xls) to .pdf and .xps. *Could easily be altered to work for .docx and .xlsx file-types.

Desktop Automation on the Server
These converters require Word and/or Excel 2007 to be installed on the server and utilize desktop automation to print either PDF or XPS. There are problems with this approach but it is very common because no better solution exists at this time.

Conversion by interpretation vs. conversion by printing
There are products out there that attempt to solve this problem by converting rather than printing, without launching Word or Excel, but these products have other problems. In my extensive experiments I found conversion products fail to convert accurately when any rich-content exists. Transparent circles become opaque; arrows become lines, and so on. These converters were originally developed at Stanford for QA engineers clearing parts used to build particle accelerators; in that case inaccurate conversion would have been a very bad thing.

Topology (IMPORTANT!!!):
Document converters can be installed on all the front-end web servers running SharePoint, however it is possible to put document conversion on its own server by editing registry entries to point 'Document Converter Launcher Service' at the 'Document Converter Load Balancer Service' on a target machine.

My recommendation is to isolate conversion on a machine specific to that purpose. See the artcile linked below.

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